About - Rachel Collet

About the Artist

Rachel Collet has studied many different mediums,  with one constant and continuing practice being photography. First introduced to the camera at an early age, she has only grown closer to it since. In college she developed her own creative voice through conceptual photography.    

After Rachel graduated with a BFA from Alfred University in 2010, she worked for Diane Stredicke of "Hudson River Photographer" as an assistant and second shooter. It was with Diane that she discovered the joys of wedding photography and began to hone her skills as a professional photographer. Rachel now freelances as an event, portrait and product photographer.

In 2012 she launched "Camera Head Photo Booth".  

Artist's Statement

I always feel honored when someone chooses me to help capture their most personal moments.

I have interest in every detail - from vast landscapes to an active anthills; from center stage to the spectators looking on; from a child enthralled with running bare footed to the pressed grass left behind.

I work to develop  a discerning eye, to navigate the chaos  in pursuit of a meaningful story. 

Each image is as different as the moments themselves are. This ever-changing quality about life is what holds my interest and keeps me inspired. By not focusing so much on trying to be "different", I can open my eyes and catch particular moments in time.

My hopes are that I fulfill the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words…." and that those words speak loudly, clearly, and beautifully.

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